This website is splitted into two parts: Databases and research.


There are three databases on this website. Some details are hidden but can be made available on request. Data records after 1900 are replaced by Dec. 31th, 9999, due to privacy protection.

In the first database Altenkirchen you will find the inhabitants of the Altenkirchen district in Germany, especially for the time 1600-1900. The database contains about 125,000 persons, but work is still in progress. The aim is a total reconstruction of the population with about 350,000 persons. Primary sources are church registers and archives.

The second database nobility consists of about 70,000 persons. Because other large nobility databases already exist, I set the following priorities:
  1. Regional nobility in more than 40 generations.
  2. Jewish nobility, most of them after 1800. More than 90 generations are meant to be a symbol of 3000 years of Jewish history rather than a claim of total correctness of the data provided.
  3. Noble families with special relationships to the Third Reich, may it be in the government or in resistance. This work is also in a continuous progress.

In the third database Jews in Westerwald I try to observe the roots of Jewish life in this special region Westerwald in Germany. Most of Jewish life ended with the Holocaust. The database includes about 37,000 persons with more than 8000 victims of the Holocaust.


I try to provide an insight into the buildings and the day-to-day circumstances of the inhabitants of a small village in Westerwald in the period 1700-1900.

Forced labour
Studies about the situation of civil workers and prisoners of war in a small rural region in Germany in the years 1940-1946.

National Socialism
Living in a small region in Germany in the years 1933-1945 in form of a diary including all public informations I could get off the archives.